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Zombie Run ft. Biochemistry & NatSci

Halloween Special

It's a dark and silent Monday night, Dr Chris Taylorson and Dr Andrea Sella are working on their secret underground experiment in the basements of the Cruciform - they're testing that drug on their naughty students again... 

After years of no successful
results they decided to up the dose to a potentially lethal amount. They inject the sleeping students and wait. Staring at the monitors for any unusual activity. 

Suddenly the beating starts increasing. Their bodies turn pale and soon enough they start
spassing out. Yet seconds later everything stops. No breathing. No heartbeat

"Shit! The Dean is going to be on our asses again!" Chris exclaims in disappointment. Andrea huffs. He approaches the body to remove the chains. He twists the key and the ankle and wrist
retraints are released. The body collapses to the floor and silently lies there. 

Andrea says "I'm going to pee, clean up this mess". He walks out slamming the door behind him in frustration. 

He washes his hands and runs them under the dryer. A scream is heard in the background but muffled by the sound of the hand dryer Andrea is unsure of what just happened. He walks out the toilet and listens out. 

"Chris..? Was that you..?" nothing. "Anyone there? Hello?" His palms sweaty, he walks back to labs. He twists the door handle and open
s the door. "Chris! Did you hea-" Andrea freezes on the spot. Chris lay on the ground. A puddle of blood surrounding him. 

He runs up to him and shakes his body! "Who did this? What's going on?" Chris' eyes gently rolling and he opens his mouth to release a muffled and undetectable
noise.. He repeats it again slightly more detectable.. "Run..." Andrea, confused, says "What do you mean? I need to get help!" 

"RUN!" Chris exclaimed! 

In shock, Andrea shoots up and turns around. But it was too late. Hairless, angry and pale as
paper it grabs him and takes a bite out of his neck. 

ollapsing to the ground he covers the wound and rolls over in excruciating pain. His vision going blurry. He can barely make out what is going on. 

He watches the pale figure leave the room and turns his attention to Chris. Lying side by side. 

Shortly after Chris' body rises. Back hunched and legs moving around aimlessly - lifelessly. "Chris...." Andrea exclaims with his final breaths. But Chris doesn't respond. Instead, he stumbles out of the room. 

Andrea's eyes shut.


  1. You'll be working in teams of 8. 
  2. You'll be given a list of riddles which will give you the location of where the secret codes are hidden. 
  3. Find the codes and combine them to form a word.
  4. Post the word on facebook, prize for all 8 members of the first team to do so. 

Sound easy? You'll have to do this all whilst being chased by our zombies (don't worry, they start off very slow).

Get caught? You die and become a zombie.


  • Your lab coat 
  • Your student ID to get around campus
  • Society membership

This event is one to not be missed, bring your friends and family or join us at Phineas for a drink after. We look forward to seeing you there. 

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