Finally after a long, arduous application process the LSS is proud to reveal their new Freshers reps!!! Lovely Laura, Kisum and Angus shined through the enormous competition and now they are ready to dazzle you with their brilliance. Don't be fooled, these first years mean business so be prepared for a year jam packed with mind boggling talks, educational workshops and, of course, plenty of fun socials! Guaranteed to leave you begging for more!


Kisum Chan: Adores terrible science puns and loves Chinese food. So have some dimsum with Kisum. Also you won’t escape the promoting - he’s got his ion you.

Laura Huynh: The most eager beaver in the woodland. Organisation skills rivalled only by Argos catalogues with the efficiency of a dyson Hoover. Likes to party - will put the 'life' into Life Sciences Society

Angus Chan: An aspiring doctor who will revive your love for life sciences and tickle your brain. Always willing to share and help those in need, so don’t be afraid to ask!